Best Driving Irons 2023 (2023)

Best Driving Irons

Getting the best golf irons for your game is imperative if you want to shoot lower scores and we think the same can be said of getting the right bag setup too. It seems many players just plump for a three-wood, five-wood configuration without thinking about the possibility of using a utility or driving iron which we think is a possible mistake.

The best driving irons can help you to find more fairways, avoid disasters and produce lower scores. Finding the right “go-to” fairway-finding club could give you great confidence, help you to relax and enjoy your game. For many golfers, the tee shot is the most daunting in golf and that feeling is exacerbated when facing a narrow fairway or a hole where trouble lurks on either side.

On those tee boxes, driver may well not be the right play. Even a fairway metal might be too much of a risk. When you absolutely must find the fairway, and gain a little distance to boot, the driving iron can be your saviour. Bearing this in mind, below are some of the best driving irons on the market that you should definitely consider adding to your setup. We recommend taking a look at our guides on thebest golf hybrid clubscurrently on the market or thebest golf irons. We have also produced a guide on thebest utility irons golf clubstoo.

Best Value Driving Irons

Everyone likes a good deal with the best performance so here are the driving irons that we feel represent best value for money.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (1)

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Cobra King Tec Utility Iron


Loft: 17°(2), 19°(3), 22°(4), 22°(5) adjustable +/- 1.5°

Shaft: MCA MMT Hybrid, KBS $-Taper Lite

Reasons to buy


Very forgiving from low strikes


Easy to flight and shape


Solid distance

Reasons to avoid


No loft/lie adjustability

Throughout the past few years we have been seriously impressed with a number of Cobra utility irons. For 2023, it's no different, with the Cobra King Tec Utility Iron providing users with a forgiving club with solid distance performance.

Extremely forgiving on off centre strikes, out of the middle this iron is a rocket. Much like the newly releasedAerojet rangeand other new equipment in the King range, Cobra has worked hard to improve its H.O.T face. The variable thickness across the face delivers more efficient speed from non-optimal strikes and loads of speed from middle strikes, something that was immediately visible in testing.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (2)

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Wilson Staff Model Driving Iron


Lofts: 18˚(2), 21˚(3), 24°(4)

Shaft: KBS Tour Hybrid Graphite

Reasons to buy


Pleasing shape


Impressive ball speeds and strong flight

Reasons to avoid


Dirt gathers in screw on sole

The Wilson Staff Model driving iron delivers a combination of distance, reliability and forgiveness through the positioning of 7g of weight low in the clubhead for improved launch.

The high-strength maraging steel face produces impressive ball speeds and notable distance. It’s a versatile club and we found it to deliver a reliable, penetrating ball flight. In testing out on the course, it gave us a useful and accurate option off tees on tight par fours, and it was proficient from the turf too.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (3)

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MacGregor V Foil Speed Driving Iron


Lofts: 18­°(2), 21°(3)

Shafts: N/A

Reasons to buy


Forgiving on off-centre strikes


Great distance



Superb value for money

Reasons to avoid


Looks aren't the most striking

This MacGregor V-Foil Speed Driving Iron could be a serious option to add into your bag, with the blend of iron-like workability, control and forgiveness.It might not be the most striking to look at, however, the all black color with a dash of silver below the grip is certainly very smart.

In testing the distance off the tee was fantastic when cleanly struck. Even on off-centre strikes it still performed well, with the hollow body and expanded perimeter weighting coming into its own on shots that didn’t find the sweetspot. Importantly it also comes in at a very attractive price point as well.

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Most Forgiving Driving Iron

The most forgiving driving irons offer more margin for error for single figure players and higher handicappers who want more forgiveness in an iron style golf club.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (4)

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Ping iCrossover Utility Iron


Lofts: 18º, 20º, 22.5º

Shafts: PING Tour 2.0 Chrome 85, Mitsubishi Kai'Li White 80

Reasons to buy


New adjustable shaft creates options


Thinner sole more playable


Shorter shaft for control

Reasons to avoid


Large changes in lie angle when adjusting

Combining excellent forgiveness with superb visuals, the Ping iCrossover is one of the most functional clubs on this list. It is the latest in a long line of driving irons that started in 2016 with the G Crossover. Since then Ping have perfected their craft, producing hybrid driving irons to the point where we now have this exceptional offering that delivers superb playability, covering the gap between your longest iron and shortest hybrid.

The iCrossover is more of an iron than a hybrid as the hollow head has a maraging steel face that is supported by an EVA polymer in the cavity that delivers an excellent sound and feel off the clubface. The sole is a little narrower than thePing G425 Crossoverbelow, meaning it plays a little more like an iron, cutting through the turf better on tighter lies. Overall the adjustability this club offers, combined with its excellent visuals, feel and sound means this club has several big improvements on the G425.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (5)

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TaylorMade Stealth DHY Utility Iron


Loft : 2 4 (22º) and 5 (25º)

Shaft: Mitsubishi Diamana Limited 75

Reasons to buy


Supreme versatility


Delivers great distance

Reasons to avoid


Might be a little chunky for some

Joining TaylorMade's highly impressive 2022 Stealth range, the new Stealth DHY promises to pack a punch for a wide range of golfers thanks to several updates that have been made following the release of its predecessor, the SIM DHY. This is a very good looking club, with a slightly wider sole than the Stealth UDI, making it a little more forgiving. The black detailing gives it a nice, subtle edge, and it has a sleek profile at the address.

Its updates are minimal but it definitely has a few improvements on the SIM, with TaylorMade altering the center of gravity of this club, to bring it much lower, allowing golfers to launch and flight the ball with ease. Thanks to the new ultra-thin 4140 forged face, the feedback on the club is softer than normal, delivering minimal noise akin to a standard golf iron. Distance-wise, we found it carried longer than the Stealth UDI and while both feature TaylorMade's Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, which helps to deliver optimal speed on the ball, the flight is slightly higher, something you should definitely keep in mind if you play a lot of links golf. Ultimately, this is one of the best driving irons on the market as it is a very forgiving club that can add more distance to your game.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (6)

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Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi Utility Iron


Lofts: 16.5°(2), 19°(3), 21.5°(4)

Shaft: Fujikura or Mizuno MFusion

Reasons to buy


Forgiving head


Easy to launch

(Video) GOLF UTILITY IRONS COMPARISON | Best Utility Irons of 2023


Clean design

Reasons to avoid


Black looks may not appeal to all


Lacking forged feel

The Mizuno Pro Fli-Hi is meant to bridge the gap to the woods from the irons and is more of a distance club than a precision approach iron. The head is cast from 431 stainless steel and not forged. This allows a 21g tungsten weight to be placed in the sole of the club to drop the CG and improve the launch.

At impact the feel was very good for a cast club and the internal ribs helped create a pleasing sound that will not disappoint, but is not quite the same as forged. It is equally at home from the tee and the fairway and is one of the better Fli-Hi style clubs that Mizuno has created in recent times.

Needless to say the other feature we liked was the black finish which we think some will like, some won't. The grey face and top line helps you align the club at address, but this color scheme might not appeal to blade purists and for many a chrome and brushed steel look would have been just as good.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (7)Best Driving Irons 2023 (8)

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Titleist U505 Driving Iron


Lofts: 16°(1), 18°(2), 20°(3), 22°(4)

Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black graphite

Reasons to buy


Large head with offset hosel


Wide sole

Reasons to avoid


Looks more like wood than iron

The Titleist U505 driving iron features one of the larger heads in the category. Promoted as half iron, half hybrid it certainly lives up to that billing with a deep head and a degree of offset in the hosel to increase forgiveness.

Internal tungsten weighting and a wide sole draws the CG back to ensure easy launch. It's not the cheapest driving iron out there, but it comes with a wide range or lofts and plenty of steel and graphite shaft options so you should get a specification that is worthy of the investment.

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Best Driving Irons For Better Players

Better players look for driving irons that have the look and feel of a normal long iron and combine that with technology that offers a little more forgiveness. They tend to be more compact heads that allow a degree of shot shaping.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (9)

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TaylorMade Stealth UDI Utility Iron


Lofts: 18°(2), 20°(3)

Shaft: Diamana Limited Hybrid graphite

Reasons to buy


Extremely forgiving


Sounds and feels excellent


Inspiring looks

Reasons to avoid


Not a massive upgrade compared to SIM

Inspiring confidence behind the ball, the new TaylorMade Stealth UDI driving iron delivers excellent performance for those players looking to bridge the gap between their irons and their woods. It is a really well-balanced club that sounds and feels excellent on impact and we had a great time testing this club at the Marco Simone Golf Club in Rome. Standout features are its looks and feel, while the club has a new forged 4140 face that provides accuracy and distance off the ground.

It packs in bags of forgiveness and its forged hollow body construction means that the club has a larger sweet spot and optimal launch conditions compared to the SIM UDI. That also means it has an explosive feel off the clubface and allows players to fizz the ball into the air. Overall, this is an excellent driving iron, which also features on our best utility golf irons guide.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (10)

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Srixon ZX Mk II Utility Iron


Lofts: 18°(2), 20°(3), 23°(4)

Shaft: KBS Tour steel

Reasons to buy


Return of versatile notch sole


Great feel and sound


Better shaped head

(Video) Ultimate Utility Irons Comparison of 2022 | Golf Driving Irons Test

Reasons to avoid


Can still see muscle at address, although well disguised

Forged from lighter and stronger SUP10 steel, the Srixon ZX Mk II is designed to maximise speed, forgiveness and create a feel that is up there with the rest of the forged irons in the Srixon ZX Mk II series.

In our testing, the ZK Mk II combines the best of both worlds compared to the previous two versions. It has the forgiveness of the U85 hollow head but with the sleeker ZX profile that will appeal to better players. The ZX was a lovely utility iron, but was more on the elite player side of things as it was not particularly forgiving. The greater margin for error, combined with the excellent forged feel, means the ZX Mk II should suit more single figure players.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (11)

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Ping G425 Crossover Driving Iron


Loft: 18­°(2), 20­°(3), 22.5­°(4)

Shaft: Ping AWS 2.0 steel, PING Alta CB 70 Slate, PING Tour 85 graphite

Reasons to buy


Darker finish creates a more compact, refined look


Improved consistency from the rough

Reasons to avoid


Some may want a club that inspires more confidence

The Ping G425 Crossover driving iron features a thinner face and updated internal geometry to deliver the ball speeds to hit high-flying shots that land softly and closer to the hole. Forgiveness is supplied by the toe and hosel weights that expand the perimeter weighting to increase the MOI.

It is further distinguished by its functional and resilient stealth Hydropearl finish that helps repel moisture and improve performance from all conditions. The G425 will appeal to a broad player spectrum thanks to the improved looks and forgiveness for golfers seeking an iron-like club to fill the gap between their longest iron and fairway wood.

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Best Elite Player Driving Irons

Elite player driving irons have the most compact heads combined with as much technology and forgiveness as the head size will permit, They tend to be more like blades and therefore offer the most shot shaping ability, but will require an above average swing speed to get the most benefit from them.

Best Driving Irons 2023 (12)

(Image credit: MHopley)

TaylorMade P790 UDI 2021 Driving Iron


Loft: 17°

Shafts: Project X HZRDUS Smoke RDX Rescue graphite, Steel (custom)

Reasons to buy


Powerful feel off the face.


Classy blade like looks

Reasons to avoid


Not very forgiving

The TaylorMade P790 UDI driving iron is one of the most compact hollow head irons on the market. The lighter SpeedFoam Air in the 2021 model saves weight and supports a thin face that can generate impressive ball speed from an elite player's swing.

Great for shaping shots and for accuracy from the tee, the P790 UDI offers precision and power in a compact head with a classic blade look.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (13)

(Image credit: MHopley)

Callaway X Forged UT Driving Iron


Lofts: 18°(2), 21°(3), 24°(4)

Shaft: Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black Graphite

Reasons to buy


Good blend of power and forgiveness

(Video) Best Driving Irons In 2023 - Top 7 New Driving Irons Review


High ball speeds

Reasons to avoid


Aimed at better players

The Callaway X-Forged UT iron boasts a hollow construction along with Callaway’s A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup that creates a sophisticated face design for high ball speeds. The irons are forged from 1025 mild carbon steel and inside the hollow body construction there is Callaway’s urethane microspheres that dampen vibration for better sound and feel.

External tungsten weighting allows for the CG position to be optimally located for the best trajectory and launch for the target player. The Callaway X Forged UT will suit better players who like the feel and looks of a long iron but are also after a little more distance and forgiveness. A useful weapon off the tee and the deck.

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Best Driving Irons 2023 (14)

(Image credit: MHopley)

PXG 0311 X GEN5 Driving Utility Iron


Lofts: 18°

Shaft: True Temper Elevate, KBS Tour, Nippon Modus Pro

Reasons to buy


Offers more forgiveness than previous model


Great feel when you connect

Reasons to avoid


Needs a lot of swing speed to get airborne

The PXG 0311 X GEN5 driving utility iron is the replacement for thePXG 0311 X GEN4 utility ironand brings some much needed forgiveness to the range. In our testing it was noticeably easier to hit however we should acknowledge that this club is still aimed at better players because of the size of the face.

Overall it’s well made and offers the right combination of forgiveness and shot shaping that elite players require. You can also order it in the Xtreme Dark finish which uses a graphite like carbon process to create a black look that is more durable.

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How we test driving irons

When it comes to testing driving irons we use the same kind of process for most clubs but have to cater it slightly for each club in the bag as they all do different things.

To start we will attend product launches and speak to R&D experts to gain an understanding of the new technology and then once we have samples we will put them to the test.This usually starts with indoor testing so we can have a controlled environment with premium golf balls and a launch monitor.From there we take the clubs outside to hit on the range and out on the course. We think it is vital to do both.

In terms of driving irons, we would use them in a variety of situations applicable to the club. That means hitting them off the tee, from the ground into par-4's, in the wind and sometimes we put them to the test on links courses because that is where the advantages of a driving iron really come to the fore.

We would then collate the information and write comprehensive and honest reviews. Finally it should be said no manufacturer can buy a good review because our team tells it how it is.

How to choose a driving iron

What are some of the factors you need to consider when looking to buy a driving iron? Let's take a look.

Driving iron vs long iron vs hybrid?

For a start it is good to work out which club out of driving iron, long iron, or hybrid would be the best for you. Each has a different set of positives and negatives - the hybrid is a little more versatile as you can use it well from light rough and around the greens. However, there are plenty of golfers out there who prefer an iron-like profile. In which case, the driving iron is a great option. A long iron in the bag in all likelihood signifies a player who is consistent with strike.


What kind of course do you play on? We think this does play a part in the world of driving irons because if you play on a links course from day to day, then a driving iron is perfect for those low shots below the wind. Whereas if you play on a parkland, chances are a driving iron will not be as impactful in the bag.


One of the most important things to know is how far each club in your bag goes. For example if you know there is a large gap between your three-wood and first iron then a driving iron will fit in there perfectly.

Therefore knowing the gap you need to fill at the top of the bag will give you an indication of what loft the driving iron should be as well.


Obviously a driving iron has to deliver good distance whilst also not compromising on workability. Both are important because not only only do you need to fill that gap at the top end of the bag, but you should also be able to flight the ball and move it with a driving iron as well.


They may have iron club-head's but that doesn't mean they shouldn't be forgiving. Some models are better than others as we have shown above and you should be aware of which model will suit your game and ability to strike the ball better.


It is important to be able to use a driving iron off the tee and from the ground when needed so when trying out models be sure to hit both shots. A model that can do one and not the other is pointless really. Also have a go at chipping with them too.


How do you want the driving iron to look down by the ball? Do you want it to have a sleek, small profile or look larger and more confidence-inspiring? Additionally do you want it to blend with the irons you have in the bag, or maybe you want it to match the brand of iron you have in your setup. These are all things you need to consider in terms of looks.


Finally have a think about how much you want to spend on a driving iron. There are models at most price points these days as every brand makes a utility iron so be aware of how much you want to spend.


What is a driving iron in golf?

Driving irons are essentially bulked up irons that are designed to help players hit the ball higher and further compared to standard long irons. As a result, and because of the materials used in construction, driving irons tend to be more forgiving than long irons, and whilst their trajectory might be lower than fairway woods or hybrids, the lower launch and landing angles mean you get more roll. This is why we often see a lot of professionals put driving irons in the bag during The Open Championship, because links golf lends itself to keeping the ball low to the ground.

Are driving irons for high handicappers?

Not necessarily. Whilst hybrids are very forgiving at the longer-iron end of the bag, driving irons are as well these days. This is all about personal preference really. Regardless of level, if you are a player who wants as much help as possible, but still wants to look down on an iron profile, then a driving iron could be the way to go. Whereas if you want a club that is more similar to a wood, then hybrids will suit you more.

What are the alternatives to a driving iron?

As we mentioned above, the alternatives to a driving iron tend to be hybrids, long irons or even more lofted fairway woods. The hybrid is probably the most versatile club because of the ability to use it off the tee, from rough and around the green. The lofted fairway wood is similar in this regard. A longer iron is the most difficult alternative to hit so tend to be suited to better players.


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What is the best driving iron for forgiveness? ›

The Ping Crossover and the King Cobra Utility share the honors of being the best driving irons for high handicap golfers in 2023. For more similar articles check out the following: The best hybrid golf club for high handicappers. The most forgiving hybrid.

What are the best forgiving irons for high swing speed? ›

Based on our own testing, research, and experience, here are our top selections:
  • Callaway Paradym X Irons.
  • PING G430 Irons.
  • TaylorMade Stealth Irons.
  • Titleist T400 Irons.
  • Callaway Apex DCB 21 Irons.
  • LAZRUS Premium Golf Irons.
  • Cobra AIR-X Irons.
  • PXG 0311 XP GEN6 Irons.
Apr 5, 2023

When should you hit a driving iron? ›

Once your game starts getting better and your swing speed increases, you might want to consider trying a driving iron. They're a lot easier to hit compared to a standard iron, but you need to be able to swing the club fast enough and hit the ball solid enough to get results.

Can a high handicapper hit a 2 iron? ›

This club can be hit easily over 200 yards off the tee or from the fairway depending on a player's swing speed. A 2-iron is easier to shot shape than a wood or low lofted hybrid. It can be extremely difficult for a high handicapper to hit.

How far should a man hit a 7 iron? ›

A golfer with an average swing speed and average club lofts should be able to hit the 7 iron about 140 yards. For a senior golfer, the yardage could be closer to 130, and the same applies to the slower swing speed player.

How high should I tee my driving iron? ›

The ball should be highest off the ground for a driver. The general recommendation is that the bottom of the golf ball on a tee should be level with the top of the driver; for long and mid-irons, push the tee into the ground so that only about a quarter-inch is above ground.

How far should a male hit a 4 iron? ›

Golf Club Distance Chart
9 more rows
Sep 12, 2022

How far does the average male drive a golf ball? ›

The average golf driving distance for an “average” male golfer is about 215 yards. The average driving distance for an “average” female golfer is around 140 yards. These figures are calculated using driving distance data from the USGA, additional data services, and average handicaps from the USGA.

Can a 3 hybrid replace a 3 wood? ›

If you can only choose one club, a 3 hybrid is better for a high handicap golfer than a 3 wood. A 3 hybrid is a more versatile club across the board and, as a result, plays better from different spots. Even for an intermediate golfer, we would give the same advice.

Why is 5 iron so hard to hit? ›

Some golfers make the mistake of playing the five iron with a ball position that is right in the middle of their stance. This will make it very difficult to even get the ball up off the ground. A proper ball position with a five iron is closer to your left foot than it is to the middle of your stance.

How fast can you swing a 7 iron? ›

For an average golfer, a good swing speed to hit a 7-iron 150 yards is 75 mph. While for a pro golfer, 90 mph is a great swing speed to hit 170-180 yards.

Why can't i hit my 7 iron 150 yards? ›

They sometimes hit their 7 135 yards, then one will fly 150. This is because they are struggling to control the club face and loft angle of their 7 iron golf club through impact. This can often be addressed with suitable golf clubs for a mid handicapper outlined in my guide.

Should beginners use blades or cavity backs? ›

As a whole beginner and high handicap golfers should not use blades and always choose cavity backs. Blades are simply too difficult for such golfers to hit and will affect their enjoyment of the game. Cavity backs are far easier to play with and go further and should be used by all beginners and high handicappers.

Why can't i hit my 3 or 4 iron? ›

If you are struggling to hit a 3 iron or 4 iron you are not alone. To hit them correctly you need to turn the club over quite a bit at impact. You may want to practice trying to hit some long irons dead left (if you are a right hander) just so you know you are turning the club over.

Why are blades harder to hit? ›

Blades are more difficult to hit than cavity backs because the narrow face will make it harder for you to get a nice square hit. They're also more challenging to hit than muscle backs, which have a larger clubhead and wider sole, making it easier for beginners to make solid contact with the ball.

How far should a 60 year old man hit a 5 iron? ›

Average 5 Iron Distance By Age
Age RangeAverage 5 Iron Distance
40-50165 yards
50-60158 yards
60+146 yards
All Golfers164 yards
2 more rows

How far should a 60 year old man hit a driver? ›

30 to 39 year olds average 233.7 to 241 yards, 40 to 49 year olds hit 225.9 to 232 yards, 50 to 59 year olds drive 215.4 to 224 yards while 60 to 69 year olds drive 204.5 to 212 yards. The over 70s average between 190.4 and 196 yards.

How far should a 70 year old man hit a driver? ›

Chart for 70-79 Year Olds
ClubMen (Distance in Yards)Women (Distance in Yards)
3 Wood150125
5 Wood145120
3 Hybrid140115
6 more rows
Feb 21, 2023

What happens if you tee the ball too high? ›

As a rule of thumb, the higher you peg it, the more shallow your swing becomes, since you're forcing yourself to hit up more on the ball. Tee it low and the opposite happens: Your angle of attack gets steeper, because you'll instinctively swing down more on the ball in order to make contact.

Is it better to tee the ball high or low? ›

When you tee the ball higher, you have a better chance of swinging up on it and hitting the top part of the clubface, which launches the ball higher and with less distance-robbing spin,” says Foley. “Less spin means you have a better chance of getting some roll.”

Do I need a 4 iron and 4 hybrid? ›

Most everyday golfers should stay away from a difficult club like a 4-iron and use a hybrid or wood instead. The higher launch of these alternative clubs will: Help approach shots land softly on the greens. Find more fairways off the tee compared to long irons.

What is the longest drive in golf history? ›

Mike Austin holds the world record for the longest drive in professional play, driving 515 yards at the Winterwood Golf Course in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 1974, blasting it 65 yards past the flag on the par-4 fifth. His golf swing, known as The Mike Austin Swing, is practiced and taught by current golf professionals.

How far does the average male hit a 9 iron? ›

The average distance for a 9 iron is: Average Male: 120 yards. Average Female: 70 yards. Average PGA Golfer: 170 yards.

How many golfers can drive 300 yards? ›

Distribution Of Driving Distances

The majority of golfers average between 200 and 224 yards off the tee. Only 4% of golfers drive the ball over 300 yards.

How many golfers drive 350 yards? ›

Once you move up to the 350-yard mark, there were 3,775 drives of at least that distance. There were 74 drives of 400 yards or longer and yes, there was one recorded drive of at least 450 yards.

Why does my driver only go 200 yards? ›

As a general rule drives only go 200 yards or less because a golfer is not able to generate enough ball speed at impact. Ball speed is the single biggest factor in determining distance and about 120mph of ball speed is needed to drive a total of 200 yards.

Do I need a 5-wood if I have a 3 hybrid? ›

A 5-wood can go further than a 3-hybrid and depends on the loft, length, and type of club. For example, if both clubs are the same loft, the 5-wood will still probably go further as there is more mass behind the ball. You'll notice this same effect when comparing hybrid distances to iron distances.

Do you need a 3 wood if you have a hybrid? ›

A low-lofted hybrid (14° to 17°) is ideally suited to replace your 3-wood or your 5-wood. This club is easier to hit than a long iron off the fairway. If you use a 5-wood or a 7-wood, a moderate-lofted hybrid (18° to 22°) can replace either one of those clubs and can also be substituted for a 3- or 4-iron.

Should you take a divot with a 5 iron? ›

Divots. Yes ! You should take a small divot with your irons ! It helps put backspin on the ball, and improves trajectory !

What is a forgiving iron? ›

“Forgiving clubs” is a golf term used to describe golf clubs that are designed to be more forgiving of off-center hits.

What is the best Callaway driver for distance and forgiveness? ›

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max Driver

In addition to its draw-biased design, the Rogue ST Max also features advanced technology that makes it a forgiving driver. The driver's Jailbreak Speed Frame uses two internal bars to enhance horizontal and torsional stability, promoting an increase in ball speeds across the face.

What are forgiving irons called? ›

Even the best golfers choose to play clubs that incorporate more forgiving design elements. Golf clubs built with a lot of forgiveness are typically called "game improvement clubs" or if they are extremely forgiving, "super-game improvements clubs."

How do I know if my golf club is forgiving? ›

A forgiving driver will also have a low spin rate. A low spin rate helps compensate for backspin generated by a bad swing by helping the ball travel straighter without hooking or slicing. If you constantly watch your ball sail to the left or right instead of straight ahead, a low spin driver should prevent that.

What is a high handicap in golf? ›

High handicap is considered to be 20 or above … scoring in the mid 90's and into the 100's . This is the largest category of golfers. Statistically, high-handicappers are comprised of 55% of all male golfers and 80% of all female golfers.

What golf clubs does Tiger Woods use? ›

What Brand Clubs Does Tiger Woods Use? Tiger Woods currently uses a set of clubs from the brand TaylorMade, including the TaylorMade Stealth Plus driver, TaylorMade M3 5-wood, TaylorMade M5 3-wood, TaylorMade P7MB irons, TaylorMade MG3 and MG2 TW Grind wedges, and Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter.

Do blades go as far as cavity backs? ›

What is this? In addition to blades having less forgiveness than their cavity back iron counterparts, blades will often have less loft than cavity back irons resulting in slightly less distance naturally.

Do pros use blades or cavity backs? ›

According to Titleist, 70% of tour players use cavity backs while 30% use blades. Cavity back irons provide increased forgiveness while blades offer more control and a better feel. This is why a lot of tour players have both cavity backs and blade irons in their bags.

Why do I hit blades better than cavity backs? ›

Are blades harder to hit than cavity back? Blades are harder to hit than a cavity back as the club head is often smaller, resulting in a smaller sweet spot. In addition, the cavity back irons are perimeter weighted and built with a lower center of gravity.


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